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Vino Itineris, criss-crosses Paris and vineyards of France, reaching out to winemakers, small farmers, on the lookout for hidden gems. Always in pursuit of new flavors, her jaunts allow her to offer an array of quality products, carefully selected, and to shed some light on underrated local farmers and wine-makers.

From the charming streets of Paris to small villages free from bulk tourism, not to mention France quaint vineyards , Vino Itineris takes you on-board for a oenological journey, for the delight of your tastebuds !

Self-educated, curious and big time traveler, Emilie Devaux, born in Tokyo has always displayed an enthusiasm for wine and gastronomy. Raised in a wine region, she managed to feed off the terroir surrounding her. Contaminated by her parents’ wanderlust, Emilie could not resist to her call for travelling.


And so, backpack clamped around her waist, Emilie set off upon a voyage of discovery. An idea suddenly made its way : working while traveling, traveling while working, she wanted to be able to address life necessities while staying open to the natural wonders and the different cultures around the world.


Having worked in the restaurant business for several years, being in charge of the wine list, she developed her own universe by gathering a wealth of knowledge, sharpening her intuition over those perfect combinations. Without indulging in academic terms overuse, she turns every wine into a unique story.


In the back of her refurbished van, she created a built in cosy lounge that can welcome up to 5 passengers. She named her truck: Vino Itineris: “To the wine of travels”

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