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-    Wine tasting at Versailles    -

Private tour of Versailles, customizable by selecting a theme, including access to private parts of the Castle not accessible to the public, along with white wine tasting and agreements.


3 options are available : Standard, Private, or Prestige

Versailles Standard
  • Leaving Paris at 11 am

  • Arrival at Versailles

  • Lunch with initiation to wine tasting

  • Visit at your own pace, access to the main circuits of the Versailles Castle: the Great Apartments, Hall of mirrors, Ladies Department and the galleries.

  • Access to the Trianon Domain : Big Trianon, Small Trianon and the Hameau de la Reine.

  • Appetizers and second white wine tasting

  • Back to Paris between 5 and 6 pm.

5 person maximum

Starting at 220 € per person

Versailles Private
  • Departure from Paris at 11am

  • Arrival at Versailles

  • Lunch with a first wine tasting

  • Guided tour of the Castle. Behind the Grand Appartement walls, lie the private apartments of Kings. Discover the intimate atmosphere and the fine design of the different rooms: the living room, the pendulum Cabinet, the angle cabinet with the rolltop desk of Louis XV, one of the most infamous furniture in the world..

  • Second white wine tasting paired with delicate morsels.

  • Back to Paris around 5/6pm

This visit entail narrow passageway not exceeding 80 cm.

5 person maximum.

Starting at 280 € per person

Versailles Prestige
  • Departure from Paris around 10:30 am

  • Arrival at Versailles

  • First wine tasting coupled with its tidbits.

  • Lunch with a second wine tasting

  • Unique private tour, by a speaker from the Versailles Castle, with a choice of several themes, to customize the experience.

  • Tailored for your needs, during public opening hours however out of regular public authorized areas

  • Appetizers with Champagne tasting

  • Back to Paris around 5 or 6 pm

“Versailles Castle holds true treasures unknown by visitors : hidden passageways, rooms, private apartments, bathrooms and other hidden places. In this royal residence, symbol of absolutism, and of the french artistic and cultural outreach, the apartments of Kings, Queens and courtiers picture the everyday lives of the Court as well as the highlights of France History.”

5 people maximum

Starting at 360 € per person

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