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-    Wine tasting in Champagne    -


  • Departure at 10 am, arrival at Chablis at noon

  • Lunch along with a wine tasting: one natural sparkling wine and two Champagne, fitted for each course of the meal

  • Stroll in the village of Chablis and in the stunning surrounding vines

  • Wine tasting and visit of the wine cellar of a wine-maker located at Chablis

  • Moving to Troyes

  • Visit of Nuisement Champagne place upon arrival

  • Diner at a restaurant

  • Breakfast at the domain

  • Visit of the Nuisement domain and of the wine cellar, with every stage of the Champagne making process.

  • Lunch with a wine tasting comprising one wine and two Champagne fitted for each course of the lunch

  • Visit of a cheese or dry meat producing farm

  • Back to Paris

5 person maximum / Starting at 390 € per person


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